2018 NDT Round One- KU Katz-Robinson vs Indiana Aaronson-Gallina

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This round features the Affirmative Kansas Katz-Robinson defeating Indiana Aaronson and Gallina on a 3-0. The Aff discusses Henrietta Lacks and the theft of her body to heal and suture civil society together through medical innovation. The affirmative critiques the topic of a national health insurance under the claim that the medical industry sustains itself on the killability and consumability of Henrietta Lacks, and the cells stolen from her. The Affirmative engaged in an act of the commodity speaking back to the medical institutions to expose the antiblack scandal that medical logics situate themselves upon.


The negative team read topicality- the affirmative should defend the instrumental implementation of a topical plan. The negative also broke a anti-racism bad kritik, claiming that the emphasis on race forecloses upon a discussion of economics and commoditization. The alternative proposed by the negative was Marxist materialism.


This is a great round for debaters who want to know how to defeat cap and framework from a critical lens. Q was the winner of the 2018 Copeland award (best policy debate team of the season), and she does not disappoint in this round. 

The judges in this round were Kurt Fifelski, Chris Loghry, and Hunter McFarland.

Note: The Reasons for decision begin at the 2:22:00 timemark.


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